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NVO Engineering Co. Korea, has emerged as pioneer in EPCIC business. NVO provides both quality engineering & process solutions equipment as well as after sales service. Engineering is NVO's main core businesses - Project Management; Engineering Service, Project Completion Support, Procurement Services, Living Quarters, E & I Packages, Yard Development, Oil & Gas Package.

Products / Services:
Chemical Injection System Package for the following applications
  • Corrosion Inhibitor
  • Biocides
  • Methanol and Glycol
  • Pour Point Depressants
  • Wax Inhibitor
  • Demulsifies
  • Methanol Injection
  • Boiler Treatment
  • Water Treatment
  • Handling of Liquefied Gases
  • Injection of Inhibitor and Gasoline to Fuel Oils
  • Oil & Gas
  • Marine Industry
  • Power Station
  • Construction
  • Infrastructure
  • Manufacturing Industry
  • Mining and Minerals

Chemical injection systems are commonly used in production facilities in the oil & gas industry. They prevent or mitigate a wide range of problems that might negatively affect the production flow and/or process completion.

NVO Engineering together with Star Kriss - designs, manufactures and supplies custom-built injection systems for a broad range of process applications, including production processes, (produced) water treatment and hydrate control in pipelines and wells.

Chemical Injection Skid is a chemical dosing system which is mainly used in oil & gas production, water injection and reduction of corrosion problem. The system consists of reciprocating pump (positive displacement pump), tote tank (storage tank / atmospheric tank), mechanical & instrumentation items and etc. The system will be fabricated and design by manufacturer accordingly to the project requirement which been approved by client and design consultant.

Closed Drain Transfer Pump

Scale Inhibitor Chemical Injection Skid

Corrosion Inhibitor Chemical Injection Skid

Backup Pumps and Chemical Skids