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Atlas Copco is a world-leading provider of sustainable productivity solutions. Atlas Copco provides market-leading, highly energy-efficient industrial compressors,pumps, generators, lighting towers in infrastructure, civil works, energy, drilling or road construction, general industries, manufacturing, power, petrochemical, oil & gas.

Atlas Copco TwinAir™ Compressor
Revolutionary performance, compact and safe
Package of two containerized oil-injected, asymmetrical rotary screw compressors. Pressure Range : 12 and 25 bar (175 and 365 psig)
A maximum free air delivery of 2232 cfm , makes TwinAir™ the compressor with the highest airow per square foot.
Also Available : Atlas Copco XATS 1020 Zone2 for safe operation in hazardous area (Zone 2 / Class 1, Div. 2).

Atlas Copco HiLight Towers Range
QLT M10 HID - diesel driven, mechanical mast.
QLT H50 - HID, diesel driven, hydraulic mast.
QLTS 4-6-8 - LED, diesel driven, mechanical mast

Type: LED HiLight towers - innovative, fully directional, LED lens design.
Metal Halide HiLight towers - reliable metal halide solution with robust canopies, make them suitable for tough environments. Solar light towers - Zero emissions, zero fuel consumption, no noise.
Atlas Copco Diesel Generators QAC Range
1MVA Containerized on-site power
QAC 800-1250 (DF), QAC 1000-1250 x (50 Hz, 60 Hz, DF)

Standard Features: Stable power delivery of 1MVA , Silenced ISO 20-foot container CSC, • High temperature capability (no power de-rating up to 40ºC @ 1000m asl), Dual stage heavy duty ltration (oil, fuel and air), EFT - External fuel tank connections, AFT - Automatic fuel transfer system and • Digital controller Qc4003TM (Paralleling with PMS - Power Management Sys)

Atlas Copco WEDA Pump Range
Electric submersible dewatering pumps 225- 16.500 LPM. 11-85m head. 50 Hz
Type: Drainage pumps; Residual pumps and Sludge / Trash pumps
Standard Features: Dry running capacity; Thermal protection on motor; Built-in high torque capacitor; Double mechanical shaft seals constructed from silicon carbide; Additional lip seal for extended lifespan of the primary seal. Size: Small, Medium and Large
Atlas Copco Diesel Generators 1100 TwinPower™
QAC 1100 TwinPower™ is a 20-foot containerized with 2 x 500kVA auto-synch generators packed inside QAC 800-1250 (DF), QAC 1000-1250 x (50 Hz, 60 Hz, DF))
Standard Features: Container ISO 20ft * Optimal Performance 1000 kVA @ PRP 50/60Hz * 100% Spillage Free Frame * QAC 1100 TwinPower™ is able to accept a 100% load step (ISO 8528-G2 at 70% load step) * Serviceability - Easy to access in both sides * TwinPower™ concept - Fully loaded, the QAC 1100 oers two engines in a single container, solving load issues and reducing fuel consumption * QAC 1100 TwinPower™, with the two Qc4003 controllers, can run alone or in parallel with other generators. You have the choice of island mode or PMS (Power Management System). You can run the generator in parallel with mains, peak shaving, mains power export/ import, xed power and AMF (Automatic Mains Failure).

Atlas Copco Diesel Generators QAS Range
14 - 500 kVA (50 Hz, 60 Hz)
Standard Features : Dual frequency, Spillage free frame (integrated forklift pockets, 110% containment), Dual stage fuel lter with water separation, 4 poles main circuit breaker, Oil drain pump, Dual stage heavy duty air lter, safety cartridge, Earth leakage protection and earth pin.