Star Kris Services Sdn Bhd - a Malaysian company, providing quality products and engineering solutions to our customers in Power, Rail, Water, Marine, Oil & Gas industries.
  • Established in 2003 and Petronas licensed company since 2007.
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 45001 certified.
  • Registered with Ministry of Finance ( MOF ), Bumiputera Status.
  • CIDB SPKK : G3 – ME, G4 – CE, B and G7 – ME.
  • Registered with Suruhanjaya Tenaga ( ST ), Tenaga Nasional as Pembekal & Kontraktor Perkhidmatan Taraf Bumiputera and Kontraktor Kerja.
  • Registered with KTM, SESB, Prasarana Malaysia, Sarawak Energy, Boustard Naval, MMHE, Sapura Energy, Brooke Dockyard, Ocean Might, Labuan Shipyard, Muhibbah Engineering, Murphy Oil, Sarawak Shell, Sabah Shell, Hess Malaysia, OceanMight, FPSO Ventures, Lotte Chemical, Petrofac RNZ, MMC, Technip, Kapar Energy, Sime Darby Industrial, Dayang Enterprise, Petra Energy.

Mission & Vision

Mission: To provide instrumentation and engineering solutions to satisfy our clients’ needs.
Vision : To become one of the major players in providing the instrumentation and engineering solutions in Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, power industries and Marine Services.

Nature of Business

We provide specialised products, services and engineering solutions for the following categories:
  • Design, Engineering and Fabrication of Customised Skids - Fire Suppression, Chemical Injection, Water Mist, Helideck Foam, Air Dryer, Fire Alarm, Pneumatic Panels and Zone 2 Hazardous Area - Portable Diesel Engine Air Compressor and Generator.
  • Electrical Services - Supply, Retrofit, Upgrading of Aging SAFT NIFE Chargers, Installation, Testing, Commissioning, Health Check, Preventive Maintenance and Training.
  • Marine Services - Supply, Inspection, Testing and Maintenance of Safety and Survival Equipment, Providing annual / periodic inspection and servicing of LSA Equipment as per IMO and of all personal safety survival equipment.
  • Industrial Fire Alarm Panel – BOMBA approved interactive Digital Addressable Fire Detection Alarm System and UL/FM-Certified Fire System for Inert Gas
  • Industrial Uninterrupted Power Solution - UPS, DC Chargers, Rectifiers, Modular Power, Batteries and Solar PV Systems.
  • Industrial Fire Protection, Fire Suppression, Detection and Life Saving Equipment
  • Physical Security, Safety and Surveillance - Substation Automation, Anti-UAV ( Drone ) Devices / System, Geo-Referenced TERRA 4D – Physical Security Information System ( PSIM ) and Network Cameras.
  • Industrial Customized UV Disinfection System - Contactless Disinfection Technology - UV-C disinfection solutions used for surface sanitisation and microbial control.
  • Industrial Process Instrumentation - Pressure, Flow, Temperature, Level products and Sampling Panel / System.
  • Industrial Telecommunication – PAGA and Signalling Devices – Beacons & Sounders.
  • Industrial - Integrated, High-Performance Outdoor Perimeter Intrusion Detection Sys. ( PIDS ), Alarm Monitoring and Control System.
  • Industrial Cable Supports System - Cable Trucking, Ladder & Tray.

Our Partners

We are proud to be associated with the following reputable Manufacturers.

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